FTCC – Floating Tracking Cooling Concentrator

Our System allows to exploit basins, natural and artificial lakes in order to install PV plants.

The FTCC system consists of a series of floating rafts with photovoltaic panels supported by tubular frame buoyant platforms. The power of a single module ranges from 20 to 200 kWp , depending on the type of system configuration and panel used.

The modular structure allows various plant sizes and configurations: fixed installation ( in order to maximize the coverage of the available area) or tracking installation ( in order to maximize the energy harvest).
Tracking plants will be equipped with fully tested 1-axis tracking control (RA, solar targeting system) in order to keep the plant always oriented toward the sun.
The installation of the cooling system improves panels efficency, average yearly energy gain of more than 10%, and protects the panels from thermal shocks .
With the availability of tracking and cooling becomes possible to use concentrating PV.



Colignola pilote plant

In 2011 we build a FTCC pilot installation in Colignola (Pisa) on an artificial basin.
The plant was a 20m wide with planar mirrors for concentration, tracking and cooling system.





The Chungju plant

Korean company, Techwin has built a floating photovoltaic plant in Chungju, Korea using the FTCC technology. All aspects of the project  have been developed by Koinè Multimedia.





Suvereto plant

The Terra Moretti group has made at its winery Petra in Suvereto (Italy), a floating photovoltaic plant that allows the use of a irrigation reservoir and at the same time have a greater energy efficiency.

This plant, with capacity of 200 kWp, is the first of its kind and paves the way for a line of development in PV technologies that points at the following goals:

  • Enhancement and better integration of existing facilities
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Lower environmental impact

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