Within the photovoltaic industry Koiné multimedia dedicated, since 2008, a remarkable effort in the design of innovative photovoltaic systems. In close collaboration with the company Scintec we focused on designing photovoltaic floating systems. The initial idea was to use basins in industrial areas in order to create energy factories without any use of the land. After years of study and design we have come to define patented  photovoltaic systems with significant advantages over traditional systems on the ground. In spite of a construction cost of slightly more than the standard installation these systems allow to obtain a harvest energy which makes them economically advantageous. It was also developed a system to allow the rotation of these plants via Hw and Sw entirely designed and optimized internally. The rotation of the installations increases the energy harvest even more than 20% making our solutions very competitive. Our projects have aroused interest not only in Italy but also abroad in countries as Korea, Australia, Singapore, Brasil and USA.