Wind energy is having an increasing share of electricity production, worldwide

Large wind turbines are highly efficient but invasive and vulnerable to extreme weather events.

Small wind turbines overcome these disadvantages but are a less efficient and more expensive solution.

Koiné proposes ELDER: a wind solution integrated with the street lighting poles:

Major features :

  • Distributed generation: small plants, size from 0.5 to 2 KW.
    The choice of small size allows installation on 6-8 meters poles, for example the existing light poles.
  • Technology: the most appropriate structure is a vertical axis wind turbine for which are being developed best design solutions and performance..
  • Economy of scale: local authorities can handle the distributed wind factories. We estimate that 20% of existing light poles  are suitable. This is equivalent to 2.4 GW, much more than  the total power already installed in Italy.

The project of micro wind installations ELDER received the third prize in 2008 edition of the Premio Vespucci, a recognition to the ideas and business projects the most brilliant and innovative, to enhance the talent and the know-how, promoted by the Tuscany Regional Council and Confindustria Toscana