Multipass cells

Designed to increase the sensitivity of systems based on absorption spectroscopy, the Herriot multipass cells produced by Koiné allow to set up very long optical paths (10-100 meters), with limited linear dimensions (about 20-50 centimeters) and reduced volume.
A light beam entering the cell bounces back and forth tens of times between the mirrors placed at its two extremities. Each time a ray is reflected it hits a different point of the mirror tracing a circular crown. The optical configuration of this kind of cells allows a considerable reduction of the interference fringes as in its various passages within the cells the light beams never overlap.
The design and the materials employed make our cells extremely compact and sturdy, and this feature, together with the stability of the optical configuration makes them the ideal instrument for laboratory measurements, for in situ applications but also for employment as part of stationary or portable instrumentation.



Custom Cells
In our laboratories, we design and realize multipass cells upon the customer request.
We can realize cells of various dimensions, with optical path going from few to  hundred meters and in order to work in vacuum or high pressure conditions.




This 30 m cell, with a wavelength up to 3µm , offers maximum versatility.
Photonics Technologies has the exclusive distribution rights for this cell outside Italy.





This is a modified version of the previous cell.

It is a  30 m cell with a wavelength up to 3µm and offers maximum versatility as well.
This cell differs from the previous one being able to operate under high pressures (up to 5 atm).